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Sr. no Month Event Place
1 October 2014 Free Health camp  Narella village, Delhi
2 October 2014 Free Health camp  Kashmir flood  -Health relief camp
3 November 2014 Free Health camp  Allahabad Bank ,New Delhi
4 March 2015 Health Education Camp Sarvapriya vihar ,Delhi
5 April 2015 Health Education Camp Haldwani
6 April 2015 Health Education Camp Dwarka Slums, sector 23
7 April 2015 Health Education Camp Hathi Basti, Open school for unprivileged children’s , Near ITO Bridge
8 May 2015 Anti Tobacco camp Malviya nagar
9 May 2015 Earth Quake Relief Nepal
10 June 2015 Yoga Awareness Camp  Bihar
11 June 2016-Present  Free clinic for poor Thapar Arcade, Kālu Sarai
12 January 2016 Free Health camp Amroha,UP
13 August 2020 Organ Donation Awareness workshop Noida, UP

Amroha health camp

Community health camps, allahabad bank CP

Organ donation awarness camp

Haldwani health camp

Savpriya vihar weekly clinic

Screening camp Dwarka

Street children education camp ,hathi basti


Uday foundation- The foundation aims to provide quality healthcare for the underprivileged children, dignity to the homeless and in-kind support to the poor patients and their immediate caregivers. With support of a dedicated team of doctors and thousands of volunteers, we at Uday Foundation conduct health camps for the underprivileged, organize emergency response and disaster relief programs and also cater to the medical and basic requirements of the needy.

On World Mental Health Day,
Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Consultant-Psychiatry with Remedial Foundation sharing useful insights-